Eating Well While Traveling

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

The kids are out of school and it is vacation time for most of us. Eating healthy while traveling can pose challenges, but with some advanced planning, is very doable. These are some tips shared by Robard the maker of our delicious nutritional products.
When traveling by car, packing healthy snacks in a cooler along with water and an emergency fruit juice supply ensures easy access to food when needed. In nice weather, rest stops with picnic tables are ideal for meals on the road. If planning to purchase meals, plan by researching restaurants located along the route and using their Web sites to glean menus and nutrition information for healthy choices.
Cruises are fraught with opportunities to overeat, but also can cater to special dietary needs if arranged ahead of time. Ask the Cruise Line to prepare your meals with less fats and add more vegetables to your meal. Portion control is key when presented with so many options and opportunities to eat.
On the other hand, flying necessitates bringing food on board. Not all flights offer food service, and even those that do may not have suitable options, or flight delays may interfere with eating when needed. The best option is to bring healthy foods from home that travel well and can be kept at room temperature. Etcetera’s high protein nutritional products are ideal. After clearing security, purchasing some bottled water or filling a refillable bottle is a good idea, as well as being equipped with glucose tablets or other solid hypoglycemia treatments.
Depending on the destination, dining options may include unfamiliar cuisines and ingredients. Again, plan by researching some popular local dishes will guide food choices to include a healthy balance of proteins and carbohydrates. Accommodations with kitchen facilities allow the most control over food choices for some or all meals. Packing a couple of dishes and a few utensils make it possible to prepare hot oatmeal or a bowl of soup in hotel rooms equipped with microwaves and refrigerators.
Consulting a medical professional before traveling to help plan meals could be very helpful. They can suggest healthy food choices, give guidance on portion and balance of carbohydrates, suggest the best foods and drinks to treat low blood glucose, and give advice compensating for changes in blood sugar from consuming alcohol or changes in physical activity.
Finally, taking notes while traveling on things that worked well and others that did not work well is a part of planning ahead for the next trip.
For a free consultation and more information, call Etcetera Medical at 661-259-8884. 

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