Diet Friendly BBQ Time!

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

 Summer is in full swing with more BBQ’s coming up. I read these helpful hints from Robard, a supplier of our wonderful nutrition products, and I thought I’d share them. Summer is one of the times like the holidays that it is hard to stay on your healthy eating plan.
You love BBQ? Don’t we all!
But you can enjoy your cookout with your friends and family and not have to suffer through the guilt of breaking your diet and weight loss goals or just don’t worry about gaining weight. It is easier (and tastier) than you might think!
A favorite are hamburgers and hot dogs. Substitute these fatty staples with these equally tasty alternatives:
• Grilled Chicken
• Turkey Hot Dogs/Sausages
• Veggie Burgers
• Grilled fish… Salmon burgers, anyone?
Extra tip: Sub out white buns with whole wheat or multi-grain buns.
Watch the sides! Many sides like pasta or potato salads are filled with fatty mayonnaise. Other fried sides like french fries are packed with grease. These calories add up, especially when you are absentmindedly munching.
Healthy alternatives are baked sweet potato fries with sea salt instead of regular fries. A green salad instead of a mayo rich salad. A raw veggie or fruit platter instead of chips or grilled fruit or vegetable skewers.
It’s hot out! Quench your thirst the low-calorie way. Instead of gulping down sugary beverages or high calorie alcoholic drinks that can add well over 100 calories each drink to your meal, replace them with fresh tea. Instead of sweetened tea or lemonade, try a floral tea like jasmine. Add fresh mint leaves or lemon for a refreshing zing. Or try one of Etcetera high protein fruit drinks and get 15 extra grams of protein. This will really boost your ability to keep fats low and keep lean muscle.
Dessert – We didn’t forget it
Try dipping some fresh strawberries in a bit of chocolate and sprinkle with some nuts. Strawberries are a strong source of vitamin C and fiber, while the nuts are a source of healthful fats which are good for your heart.
Or better yet – Come to Etcetera and get our fantastic wide variety of high protein products that will satisfy your sweet tooth, while keeping you on track with your weight loss goals.
Most important, remember, losing weight is about living your life to the fullest. Don’t make your diet be about limitations… make it about different possibilities. Take your eating into consideration but remember to enjoy the summer holiday with your loved ones! And remember, Etcetera is here to help you achieve good health.
Feel Great – Look Great by calling us today for a free consultation at 661-259-8884.

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