Holiday Survival Tips

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

It is Possible to Lose Weight during the holidays!
During festive periods of the year, our cultural philosophy tends to be “eat, drink and be merry.” Because of this, dealing with weight management over the holidays may seem difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Also, as we have been under Stay at Home for the last 8 months, many of us have gained some unwanted pounds. Etcetera can help you lose those unwanted pounds before the Holidays begin and stay in control of your food intake during the Holidays. Think in terms of taking small steps to build the resolve needed for success. The first step of our caring Professionals is to take careful assessment of your potential problem areas. Next, pre-plan ways to cope with high- risk situations identify those foods that pose the challenge and isolate the situations where you’re most likely to encounter them. Develop strategies to cope with these foods and situations. We consider each of the following alternatives when dealing with your favorite food temptation. Set realistic goals for your success during this time. Remember your definition of success may have a different set of expectations and may simply include not gaining weight. Keep the following points in mind as you progress through the holidays:
You will make mistakes from time to time.
Try to accept a mistake for what it is, a temporary setback. It does not mean you’ve lost all ability to manage your food intake.
What happens after the setback is more important than the setback itself.
Use each temporary setback as an opportunity to learn something new.
Analyze the factors that triggered your setback and plan better in the future.
Remember to be assertive when someone is pushing food at you.
When you’re serious about losing weight and then keeping the pounds off, include a medical professional.
Surviving the holidays is much easier if you don’t have to go it alone.
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