Teeth In A Day

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Medical

Some of our patients are at a stage in their lives where they have already lost several teeth in the upper or lower arch and the remaining teeth also have existing problems. They feel almost overwhelmed at the prospect of rebuilding their dentition, wondering how many procedures they will have to go through and how long treatment will take.
For patients with what we nowadays call “terminal dentition”, there is a wonderful solution. Basically, we help you start from scratch, and with some preliminary planning, you can walk into our office and leave with a brand new set of teeth supported by dental implants just a few hours later. The removal of your remaining bad teeth along with the placement of the dental implants and the delivery of a temporary fixed denture is all done in one appointment, and you never have to wear a removable denture in the process. This is what is referred to as “Teeth-in-a-day”. By the way, having to wear a removable full denture even temporarily happens to be one of the greatest fears patients have, and our approach eliminates this factor altogether.
The patient enjoys wearing their comfortable fixed temporary denture for about four to six months while the implants and the tissues are healing, all the while being able to eat soft to regular food without any worries. The final step is for the patient to follow up with their restorative dentist for the fabrication of the final fixed denture which they may wear for up to several decades.
We have personally seen many patients go through the transformation and the result is priceless. Imagine going from painful, diseased and bad-looking teeth to a brand new, good-looking set of teeth in just a few hours. That is something we can offer you at Heritage Oral surgery!
Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers is located at 27450 Tourney Road, Suite 160 in Valencia. For more information, please call 661-253-3500 and visit www.heritageoralsurgery.com.


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