What’s Silently Killing Millions of Americans?

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Health & Fitness

Acute inflammation is part of our natural healing process, but long-term or chronic inflammation can cause serious health issues. Eliminating foods that could be causing inflammation in your body can make a huge difference in your overall health and well-being.
Why is decreasing inflammation so important? Well, for starters, chronic inflammation is the primary cause of most modern diseases in the western part of the world. Now think about that for a second. If you want to drastically increase your chances of remaining healthy and disease-free, then you need to be living a lifestyle that is conducive to reducing chronic inflammation as much as possible.
So what causes chronic inflammation? Not getting enough quality sleep can cause serious inflammation issues. Not getting enough exercise also adds to the problem. In addition, chronic stress at high levels contributes to inflammation. As I am sure you’ve guessed by now, your diet also affects inflammation. Many of the foods included in the Standard American Diet (SAD) are inflammatory, as well. Additionally, having too much body fat causes chronic inflammation.
If you’re struggling with health issues then I highly suggest living a healthy lifestyle focused on reducing chronic inflammation. I promise you that it can make a huge difference.
If you want to take control of your health you can start by doing these 5 things:
1. Make sure you are consistently getting good quality sleep. For most people that means 5 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.
2. As best you can, eliminate or reduce constant sources of stress in your life. If you can’t eliminate a source of stress for whatever reason then learn some helpful stress management skills.
3. Get your body moving. Start exercising, stretching and being more physically active on a daily basis.
4. Start eating a healthy diet that includes foods that don’t cause chronic inflammation.
5. Reduce excess body fat. Simply being overweight can cause chronic inflammation so it’s helpful to lose body fat and maintain a healthy body weight.
Do these 5 things and I promise it will be a game changer for you!
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