The Kids are Back to School Now is Your Time!

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Beauty & Bridal & Fashion

Although it is still warm the kids are going back to school – You may have more time to do something for yourself. Hate to even say it – but the holidays will be here soon. Start Now! Planning is key to weight management and giving yourself enough time to achieve your goal. Planning decreases your susceptibility to emotional or environmental cues that could lead to poor food and activity choices.
Most dieters start with the best intentions. Cutting back on calories, exercise, making healthier food choices. However, there are several things that dieters should keep in mind as they work to drop the pounds.
Start your day with protein. Dieters who eat protein are less hungry and tend to eat fewer calories. Make sure your protein and carbohydrates are balanced. Eat medical grade protein bars and snacks to assure you are getting the correct balance and calories.
Learn the calorie value of food and practice portion control. When dining out plan to eat only half of what is on your plate. Aim for a greener plate. Cover 2/3 of the dish with whole grains, and vegetables. Fill the remaining third with lean protein. Fill up on low calorie fruits and vegetables first to keep your calories down and satisfy the appetite.
Remember, fat is a concentrated source of calories. Controlling total fat intake improves calorie control.
Drink lots of water or non- caloric beverages. Water is healthy, and can do wonders for curbing appetite.
Eating small meals four to five times a day helps curb appetite and keep metabolic rate steady. Keep healthy snacks and low-calorie foods on hand to avoid eating high calorie ones.
Planning meals makes you less susceptible to bad choices and helps you stay positive – Do not go to the store hungry!
Another way to plan your weight loss, go to a medical professional specializing in weight management. They’ll formalize your program with the help needed and offer medication to curb your appetite when appropriate. Like anything worth doing, guidance from a professional is always key.
For information and a free consultation call Etcetera Medical at 661-259-8884 

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