Back-to-School Tips To Help Children Improve Their Physical Health and Cognitive Skills

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Health & Fitness

 Our kids are back to school! How can we help our children get physically fit and improve concentration. Your child’s attention span and physical fitness are being diminished as they are exposed to a fast paced, technology. It is not unusual to find our children playing a game on their laptop computer, while talking to a friend on their phone, while texting several other friends simultaneously, while a TV loudly competes for their attention in the same room. Our brains are being inundated with multiple sensory inputs and trying to focus on a barrage of quick visual and auditory stimulants, ultimately seriously damaging its ability to concentrate.
How can our children learn to take a moment to breathe and concentrate on just one thing at a time? While improving their physical fitness?Simply, enroll your child in a HYH’s Yoga kids classes. Yoga helps children to learn breathing exercises to calm their minds and their bodies. Yoga poses/exercises help children improve their balance and strengthen their bodies and increases flexibiilty. The Sonia Sumar Method of Hatha Yoga for kids teaches breathing exercises which helps calm and relax their bodies and mind, concentration techniques to improve concentration, and poses/exercises to improve muscle tone, flexibility, which reduces the effects of a sedentary life style.
Hot Yoga Haven offers kids yoga classes for typical kids and kids with special needs using the Sonia Sumar Method.  HYH’s kids classes include ages six to eight and nine to 12. Our Special Kids private and group classes are for kids with different abilities: including students with L.D., A.D.H.D, as well as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and M.R.
For more information email Catherine Sjolund, Program Director, at: or call her at 805-405-7644.

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